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Duvel Belgian Golden Ale 0
Duvel Belgian Golden Ale
Category: Ale
Region: Belgium
Producer: Duvel
Alcohol: 8.5%




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 1.5L SKU083706014182

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Duvel is a 100% pure and natural beer, with no additives or preservatives. And you can taste the difference immediately. Its surprisingly high alcohol content (8.5%), huge, creamy head, delicate effervescence and silky smooth mouth feel is what distinguishes Duvel from other Belgian beers. With its subtly bitter bite and delicate aroma, Duvel holds a unique position within the rich Belgian beer tradition. After bottling, the beer continues to ferment for a fortnight in the warm cellars of the brewery. Finally, the beer is chilled for 6 weeks in the cold cellars. This extra long maturing process is unique and contributes to the exquisite flavour and pure aroma of Duvel.

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