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Rochefort Trappistes 10 0
Rochefort Trappistes 10
Category: Quadrupel
Region: Belgium
Producer: Rochefort
Alcohol: 11.3%




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The bartender grabs a bottle from the fridge, sets a snifter glass on my coaster and presents the bottle. My hat off to the staff there, as he presents it like a wine bottle. He pops the top, pours a taste, and looks for my approval. Approval he has!

The beer immediately reminds me of a smaller Chimay Blue. Served in a twelve ounce bottle with a crown cap, the label displays the official Trappist logo. The color is a deep brownish red, almost like rust colored. The foam is off-white colored, and fairly thin. The little bit of foam subsides quickly, and exposes the tasty brew below.

The flavor is full, but not over-powering, and it's hard for me to concentrate while admiring the rest of the bar and atmosphere. I'm getting some hints of cherry, maybe honey, nice malts, and can barely notice the 11.3% abv. Nice and smooth, very drinkable, and flavorful, this Trappist Rochefort is a winner in my book!