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Icardi Nej 2007
Icardi Nej 2007
Category: Red Wine
Varietal:Pinot Noir
Region: Italy » Piedmont » Langhe
Producer: Icardi


in mixed case $30.47


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Given an absolutely incredible 98-point review from Luca Maroni, the Icardi Nej is a ridiculously good wine!

With statements like "the best Italian pinot noir, ever" and "the best red of the year" you absolutely have to try the Nej at least once!

When owner/winemaker Claudio Icardi was in the states earlier this year, I had the opportunity to taste this wine before it was available for purchase. I knew right then that I wanted to carry the Nej in our store. But, between that time and when the Nej got to the states, Luca Maroni gave it his personal stamp of approval and wonderful review. As soon as he did, everyone wanted to get their hands on this fantastic wine.

We were one of the few stores in all of Connecticut to be offered the Icardi Nej, and we've been very successful. This is the biggest, boldest pinot noir you'll ever have. But at the same time, the Nej is such a soft, smooth red when compared to other northern-Italian wines.