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Banshee Wines is not your normal wine company.It is a band of wine industry insiders dedicated to producing benchmark wines without the cult wine prices. We specialize in finding hidden gems in other wineries' cellars and then blending those barrels to create killer wines. For every barrel we take, we pass on 15 more that don't make the cut.The secret is that today, high-end wineries can't sell all the wine they make and they don't want to lower prices because they don't want to diminish their brand. They would rather sell some of their wine to us and protect their luxury prices. Fine by us and even better for you. You'll find Banshee on some of the best restaurant lists in the world and in the cellars of the wine cognoscenti. You know, those people that tend to know these types of things. Our goal is to deliver distinctive wines that beat the pants off many costing twice as much. We feel massively confident that we've exceeded that goal with Banshee Wines.
Bold with a panoply of dark and red berry fruit but structured enough to be a serious wine, the Banshee Mordecai is like nothing else on the market. more


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This summertime beauty flashes subtle hints of orange blossom and spring meadow on the nose. On the palate there are elements of citrus, melon and sweet grass. There's a beautiful tension created in the mouth between the medium body texture and the refreshingly brisk finish. more


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